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Ah yeah, one more thing before I go.


Someone who takes fanboying to the next level. Is brainwashed by the rosy images on anime that Japan is a wonderland where no wrong can't be righted. Listens to J-pop yet hates American pop, and fails to draw the line from Ayumi Hamasaki to Britney Spears. Hates "Bad Greedy American Microsoft" but doesn't realize that Sony is 10 times bigger. Puts Japanese words in American sentences and thinks it's ok because the Japanese pepper their songs with English. Uses the word "otaku" like it's a good thing but doesn't realize it means "obsessed to the point of a mental disorder" in Japanese. Thinks the Japanese will treat him like a king when Japan is one of the most racist, xenophobic, and secretive countries on the planet. Wants to hook up with a Japanese woman but will probably fail at that also.

Anime's not that rosy because Japan's great, it's to make people think it's great over there. Life in Japan sucks, get over it.

More at Urban Dictionary. Thanks jlove1831 for explaining =D
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